Bookmark Content with Microsoft Teams

In many organizations, there’s a constant stream of information moving through Teams at any time.  It can be difficult to track down an important message you want to reference later on. The solution – bookmarked content.

Microsoft Teams has the ability to easily bookmark specific pieces of content, whether it’s a message, mention or an attachment. Bookmarking your content helps you to cut through the noise and find the data you need quickly. 

Learn how to bookmark your content with the steps below:

Click the ellipses next to the content you want to bookmark

Click ‘Save this message’

To access your saved messages, click your picture in the upper right hand corner of Teams

Then click ‘Saved’

This will open all of the bookmarked content you have saved to your account.

You can also access your saved messages by using commands in the toolbar located at the top of Teams. Simply type in /saved and hit enter to open your saved content

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