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  • Intro to React Components

    Learn how to create a simple component in the first in a series of posts about learning React.

    Zach Winnie
    August 11, 2016
  • Dealing with Technical Debt

    Hopefully by now it has become apparent that it is nearly impossible to avoid accumulating technical debt while building software and systems. The question is not so much whether or not you are going to take on technical debt but rather how quickly, what kind and what you are going to do about it in the long term.

    Donald Bickel
    July 28, 2016
    • Confessions of a Noob

      I started my journey here at Mercury as an intern, fulfilling a credit requirement towards my computer science degree. The stress and uncertainty associated with an internship is hardly an uncommon sentiment among students and those just starting out in the tech world or any profession for that matter. I would like to offer those that are in the humble beginnings of their computer science careers my positive account of growing from an intern to an application developer. The impact a technologically diverse, tenacious and structured company like Mercury can have on one’s progress is invaluable.

      Brittany Kiefner
      July 14, 2016
      • Identifying Technical Debt

        Naïve/Reckless/Unintentional Technical Debt aka Mess Naïve Debt, Reckless Debt and Unintentional debt are different names for a form of technical debt that accrues due to irresponsible behavior or immature practices on the part of the people involved. In our experience it is very rare to find this kind of technical debt stemming from conscious irresponsible development behavior. However, it is very common to find this kind of debt originating from developers not trained in current and robust development techniques, when little architectural planning has taken place or the toolchain the development team uses is immature.

        Donald Bickel
        June 30, 2016
        • Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin Part III: Event Decorators

          In this final installment of “Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin” we’ll be going deep into Sitefinity’s Event Control system managed by what are called ‘Decorators’. This is pretty much for Developers only, however if you stick around until the end of the post I’ll be going over some exciting features that have come out / will be coming out since I started this series.

          AJ Kiefner
          June 16, 2016
          • WCF and the Azure Service Bus

            Are you working towards your MCSD: Web Applications Certification like me? If so and you are getting ready for the last exam in the series, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services (70-487) check out this post about getting familiar with WCF and the Azure Service Bus.

            Susan Williams
            June 2, 2016
            • Technical Debt – Deal with it Now or It’ll Deal with You: Part I

              Technical debt, while over two decades old, is a term very much of the essence in this age of Agile development, Lean startups, Minimum Viable Products and DevOps practices. Technical debt has been a phenomenon since the first mainframe punchcard but with a much broader swath of our economy being dominated by businesses viewing themselves as “software companies” and “product development” referring to software more often than any durable good, an increasingly broad set of stakeholders feel the effects of technical debt.

              Donald Bickel
              May 19, 2016
              • The Importance of Writing Good User Stories

                Having well written user stories, with acceptance criteria, is directly correlated to a project running smoothly. Learn our best practices for writing good user stories in this post!

                Cheryl Henderson
                May 5, 2016
                • 5 Major Steps to Follow When Planning Your Next SharePoint Workflow

                  There are huge benefits to be gained by implementing SharePoint Workflow and automation. But to ensure you benefit from them, you need to make sure you’ve established a fully-baked plane before you dive headfirst into architecting and building out your workflow. Take a step back and ask yourself and your team “what do we truly want to accomplish?” and “what do we hope to gain?” These questions will put you in the right mindset to begin each of these major steps:

                  Britton Karon
                  April 21, 2016
                  • Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin Part II: Deep Dive

                    In this post I’ll be going over the various advanced custom code and configurations you can apply to the Sitefinity content editor along with tips and tricks to wrangle the admin the way you need it so it can perform at the optimal level for your client.

                    AJ Kiefner
                    April 7, 2016