Do You Know How Big the Internet Really Is?

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We all know the web is big, but how big is it? Worldwide, a LOT of people are using the web, but how many? I wonder things like this from time to time. Occasionally I like to dig into the stats in hopes of better understanding this World Wide Web that I work, play, and depend on (sometimes regrettably) so much. I recently found answers and noticed some pretty interesting trends and some important stats, and I wanted to share those with you.

Stats of the World Wide Web

world wide web image


Over 3 billion worldwide internet users were reported in 2014 by


The official number reported was 3,035,749,340 and that’s about 42.3% of the total world population. At the turn of the millennium there were only about 361 million users worldwide, so there has been a 741% growth rate since then. Clearly, mankind has fully embraced the internet.

Asia statistic image


46% of worldwide users access the internet from Asia


This more than doubles the next best continent (Europe 19.2%), and leads the world with over one billion users. The official number of users reported in Asia is 1,386,188,112, which is a 1,112.7% growth rate from the year 2000. Although Asia leads in total number of users, only 34.7% of the population uses the internet.

North America stat image


88% of North America’s population uses the internet


The percentage of North Americans that use the internet is more than any other continent (followed by Australia/Oceania at 73%). North America only has 10.2% of internet users worldwide, however, this statistic suggests that they rely more heavily on the internet from day to day. North America currently has approximately 310,322,257 users which has seen a 187.1% growth rate since the year 2000.

Stats of the Mobile Web

mobile web image


Over the last five years there has been an increase of 5,538% accessing the internet from a mobile device


In 2010, 13.98 million people in the world were accessing the internet via smartphone or tablet. That number is projected to be 788.32 million in 2015. This trend speaks to the importance of providing all content to all devices so that mobile users are able to access information and perform activities without restriction.

smart devices shipping image


An estimated 1.3 and 2.4 billion smartphones and tablets respectively are projected to be shipped globally in 2014


Yeah people use these devices a lot, or have you been under a rock? I think I even seen one guy’s hand growing around his phone as if it was an appendage. These popular devices are a mega hit and aren’t
going away anytime soon.

Interesting bathroom stat image


75% of American’s bring their phone to the loo


That’s right, we American’s can’t resist multitasking and executing a tap-pinch and swipe while using the bathroom. 63% said they have received a call while handling their business, and 41% said they initiated the call. It is safe to say that American’s take their phones with them EVERYWHERE.

The big bad internet is growing rapidly and we have to keep up. I hope these stats help you think about your business and your online presence. At this point, if your site or application isn’t mobile friendly then you are behind the eight ball and you should devise a plan to address it immediately. The professionals at Mercury can help you with that 😉


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