Key Benefits of Keeping Your Sitefinity Subscription Plan

So it has been a full year since you purchased your Sitefinity license and now you aren’t sure if you should keep your subscription active. Take a look at these benefits and I am sure you will see that it is worth the investment.

Continued Sitefinity Technical Support

If you renew your subscription, your technical support package will be automatically extended for another year giving you access to a dedicated team of Sitefinity engineers with guaranteed response times.

Technical Support Representative

New Features and Improved usability

You can be among the first to explore new product releases, betas, service packs and complimentary modules. You will have a say in the product roadmap, and your feature requests will be treated with higher priority.

Product Updates and Lower Cost Support

The Sitefinity subscription is the most cost effective way to stay abreast with the latest technology. Product updates are released several times per year including new features and enhancements to the product. With the license subscription, the latest product releases will be available for download directly from your account and you will be able to upgrade your project at your convenience, thus eliminating the cost of purchasing new licenses.

Money Jar

Bug Fixes

Bugs are fixed on a weekly basis and the fixes are released usually on Fridays two to four times per month. The goal with these weekly hotfixes is to help customers and partners address important issues for specific use cases without having to wait for the next service pack or major product update. The weekly hotfix builds are available to customers who have access to the official product release that precedes.

Wrench fixing softward bugs

Discounts on Additional Modules

When your subscription is active you will have access to preferential upgrade terms and special discounts for other Telerik products. Customers with active subscriptions are also eligible for special services like free domain alias licenses.

The Takeaway

All Sitefinity licenses include a one-year subscription, which guarantees access to new releases, product updates including new features, bug fixes, and technical support. After the first year, the subscription renewal is the most cost-effective option to stay abreast with the latest technology and get technical support which is key to keeping your online presence fresh and effective.

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