Mercury New Media Is Now MercuryWorks

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I am proud to announce that Mercury New Media has transitioned to a new name – we are now MercuryWorks!  There has been no change to ownership or structure – Chris and I are still the sole owners – this name change is a reflection of a lot of positive changes at Mercury over the last few years.

The logo is refreshed to match our new company name (you’ll notice our “Bat-signal” icon is even still there, though!). The visual update is intended to reflect a renewal of our 20 year heritage of custom software development, and I am very glad to have a new and streamlined face for the company – and this new website is a big step forward as well.

Our pivot to MercuryWorks is intended to better reflect what we do and remove the vagueness of the turn-of-the-millennia “new media” moniker.  We even have an updated company mission statement to match:

We are very excited about this refresh and we have a lot more brewing – stay tuned for more information, new case studies and new blog posts!

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