Microsoft Teams Now Allows for Custom Backgrounds during Video Calls

As more people are working from home due to COVID-19, virtual meetings have quickly become the new norm. Using Microsoft Teams, you can set up video calls with your co-workers, clients and colleagues to see and speak with each other. But if you haven’t worked from home much in the past, you may find yourself holding your video conference calls in a makeshift home office, your bedroom, kitchen or living room. In that case, you may want to replace your own background with something more professional. With the release of Microsoft Teams newest feature you can do just that, read on to find out how.

How to change my background effect

To use custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, initiate a video call. On the call screen, click the More Options icon, and select the option for ‘Show Background Effects’.

The background settings panel will open on the right side of the meeting. Here you can see all the pre-populated background images available to choose from.

Simply select an image and click preview.

Once you have made your selection click ‘Apply and turn on video’. Just like that you are transported to a pristine modern loft or far off galaxy. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Want More?

Not happy with the background images available? Microsoft will be rolling out the ability to upload your own custom designs next month, until then you can manually add images to the ‘AppData’ folder of Microsoft Teams on your PC.

Note: If you don’t see ‘Show background effects’ as an option in the menu, the feature might not be available on your device yet but should be coming soon.

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  1. Donald | May 5, 2020

    Great tip – the custom backgrounds are helpful for brand-ish images. So far it looks like line art/logo-y images don’t fare too well but photos do well. Teams reverses them so if left-right orientation is important, make sure to remember to horizontally flip your custom images first.

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