Delivering for our clients with Agile discipline

We set up teams around you

We form a dedicated Feature Team around each client and their apps.  Your Feature Team not only builds your software but also releases and maintains it – and gets to know the operations your business over the long term.

The dedicated team ownership leads to long-term improvements and operational care of your software.

How we are set up as an organization

Feature Teams – building software for you

Each of our Scrum teams are set up around you to build software for you and your business.  This fully-functional team envisions and refines your backlog, builds software, addresses your top-priority support tickets and works to keep technical debt at bay.

The System Team – keepers of the infrastucture

The System Team plans and implements cloud infrastructure to power your applications – and support each Feature Team.  Application monitoring and outage resolutions are under the System Team’s purview as well as handling support tickets that don’t require deep code changes.

Team composition and key players

Every Feature Team is cross-functional with all specialties required to build and ship enterprise software.

  • Back-end Engineer: web service construction, application coding and database development
  • Front-end Engineer: user interface construction, JavaScript development, HTML and CSS
  • UI/UX Designer: user experience, aesthetics, layout, interface styling and construction

The Product Manager provides Agile product leadership including product vision and backlog management.  The Engineering Manager supervises technical staff and takes primary responsibility for day-to-day execution of the team.