Application Development: creating custom software to solve wicked problems

Custom software is the engine of business differentiation

Web Applications

MercuryWorks specializes in custom business application development with rich HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript-driven front ends. Service-oriented architectures and the native-like capabilities of the Progressive Web Application platform underpin our web-driven solutions.

Large-scale B2B and B2C Websites

Combining our strength in custom web application development with the publishing power of cloud-based CMSes, MercuryWorks’ enterprise websites provide business solutions that vanilla CMSes cannot.

Business Intelligence and System Automation

Robust business process execution automation can make the difference between a scalable business and one that struggles to keep the lights on.  Using low-code Power Platform and full-code .NET Core, MercuryWorks makes process automation and BI delivery work.

iOS and Android Applications

Natively-delivered applications provide unique field service solutions and Mercury’s use of React Native blunts the double-cost of tandem iOS and Android development with modern JavaScript.

Our key Application Development elements

Every business problem is different and therefore so are the tools we bring to bear. However, here are some key development technologies we often apply when constructing an application:

In its modern incarnation, HTML and CSS are world-class and universally-accessible interface delivery platforms for desktop, tablet and phone

Modern JavaScript, its associated frameworks (we’re looking at you React) and abetted by TypeScript brings rich interactivity and real-time interface rendering

.NET Core’s open source enterprise application platform provides enterprise-level data access and API construction to Mercury’s application development

Whether delivered by Azure PaaS SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server on an AWS VM, MySQL or PostgreSQL, some variety of structured query language is our weapon of choice for data storage and manipulation

Almost all MercuryWorks applications are built with a cloud-based architecture and deployment vector, most commonly Azure or AWS

Our software secret sauce: Agile teams that deliver as a unit

What are the essential elements you need to succeed with your organization’s application development?  Top notch front-end and back-end practitioners – definitely.  A solid and modern technology stack – that’s foundational.  DevOps practices within a scalable cloud – incredibly important.

Unfortunately, even all of the above isn’t enough to get you there.  The secret to Mercury’s outcomes is something decidedly hard but low-tech: how our staff come together in vibrant, performant Agile teams.

Said another way, you could take any of Mercury’s outstanding engineers and they would do just fine on an individual assignment.  However, the Mercury magic comes from long-lived, empowered Agile teams.

Our technological best practices are absolutely essential but the human element is the true difference-maker.  This is why MercuryWorks does not provide staff augmentation nor perform piece work – those approaches don’t enable our teams to shine.

Our custom software in the real world

Coca-Cola’s Service web application drives bottler service provision and ERP integration across North America. The MercuryWorks-developed system enables Coca-Cola to meet Client service SLAs with powerful administrative, notification and reporting capabilities.

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Gulf Winds’ next-generation enterprise logistics system combines a fast, reliable .NET RESTful API stack with a PWA front end to deliver quick response times, server-driven page updates and native-like performance across desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Franklin Street’s enterprise software provides CRM, transactional and salesforce enablement across five business lines. A datamart provides a rich trove of BI data used to support executive decision-making and continuous deployment practices support ongoing feature additions.

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Sound like the way you want your custom software built?

Then you want MercuryWorks to build your next application or key business system.  Whether your need centers around web applications, mobile applications or the process automation space, we’ve got you covered. Contact Us