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Four Signs You’re Ready for a Software Upgrade

You may be suffering from a high-level of technical debt if:

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Application modernization services and benefits

Every legacy application and every business problem is different. Our application upgrade process is designed to customize your solution to fix the wicked problems that matter the most. However, here are a few direct benefits you can expect to see from MercuryWorks’ application modernization services. 

Legacy Application Modernization FAQs

The following are several classic signs of legacy software suffering from a high level of technical debt:

Every legacy system is different, but there is often one tier (often the data tier) that can be kept and evolved. From time to time more is possible depending on your needs and budget. At MercuryWorks, we’ll work with you through the discovery and assessment phases to minimize reinventing the wheel. If there are parts that are working well in your current application, they can definitely stay. 

First, we can rearchitect a monolithic legacy application into smaller, independent units called microservices, which carry out functions independently. This reduces time for maintenance and troubleshooting and makes adding features easier moving forward. Second, legacy systems often don’t allow for modern test automation. During the modernization process, we implement unit and integration tests so you’ll know right away when you break something in the future. 

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MercuryWorks application modernization case studies

Gulf Winds operates an expansive legacy logistics system. As a strategic partner, MercuryWorks helped modernize and cloud-enable modern replacements to facilitate Gulf Winds’ expansion in the Southeastern U.S.
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i9 Sports’ robust but legacy desktop-oriented software has driven their national youth sports leagues. Now they are driving into the 2020s with a modernized, mobile-optimized system.
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Franklin Street’s enterprise software modernization was performed without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the multiple divisions that are driven by it.
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Have key software in need of modernization?

Reach out to MercuryWorks and we’ll help you decide if we’re a good fit for your application modernization project. With careful analysis and prudent technical research, we will put together a plan to refresh and refit your key custom software. Whether you’re saddled with legacy technology, large technical debt or on-premises systems in need of refitting for the cloud, we’ve got you covered.

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