No matter the problem, .NET development makes it work.

.NET (pronounced “dot net”) is an open-source platform and developer framework created by Microsoft.

Using C#, a developer-friendly and modern programming language on the .NET platform, developers can focus on the business problems and create elegant solutions quickly, instead of becoming distracted by the constraints of the programming language. .NET has the power to span mobile and desktop with ease.  It can also be harnessed as a stand-alone RESTful API.

As a .NET development company, MercuryWorks leverages the power, speed, and versatility of the platform to create high-speed and robust applications quickly.

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Our .NET Development Process

For over 20 years, MercuryWorks has been helping top businesses and organizations improve profitability and solve their most difficult problems through mission-critical software. We have designed and developed thousands of web applications and websites to meet our clients’ diverse and demanding business needs with an eye towards future growth. Our process sets us apart as a true partner in application development.

Why Choose .NET?


With the power and ease of C#, applications can be created quickly and efficiently using the hundreds of built-in libraries .NET has to offer!

High Performance

.NET is really fast! .NET provides better response times with less computing power required. Combining the back-end computing power of .NET with modern front-end frameworks gives users a modern and seamless experiences while working with complex data and business rules.


.NET has multiple options for securing your application, from basic Forms Authentication to JWT tokens for RESTFul APIs.


No more shoddy patches or costly, complex workarounds. Because .NET does not have any code interdependencies, it is easier than ever to make quick or complex changes with quick efficiency. 

.NET developed for the real world

Gulf Winds’ next generation enterprise logistics system combines PWA tech with a fast, reliable .NET RESTful API to deliver quick response times, server-driven page updates and native-like performance across desktop, tablet and phone.

The One World Site Alliance application posed the need to serve a global audience – so we developed a stable platform through .NET that mixes MVC and RESTful APIs.

Franklin Street’s enterprise software serves a large user base with rapidly-changing features.  We developed internal software that allows their employees to maintain vast real estate ventures.

Sound like how you want your software built?

Then you want MercuryWorks to build your next application using .NET.  Get the powerful and dynamic application that suits the needs of your business without sacrificing performance or user experience. 

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