Agile Business Processes with the Microsoft Power Platform

One connected platform to drive business innovation

The Microsoft Power Platform empowers “citizen developers” to customize, extend and build apps that streamline their work lives. Seamless integration with over 300 popular SaaS platforms, Office 365 and Dynamics enable solutions that don’t call for a full application development team.

Going beyond the individual information worker, end-to-end low-code development scales digital process automation possibilities across departmental and business unit lines.  In the hands of MercuryWorks engineers, these broader possibilities become a reality with alarming speed.

Power Automate facilitates intelligent automation for all

“We need to go faster”

Without a doubt, software demand is exploding and internal development is gravitating towards low-code platforms.  Business-defining large-scale solutions are strategically addressed by application development teams but increasingly lower-code approaches are being used to surface business system data and address rapidly changing local business needs.

An essential part of this low-code/high-productivity strategy is integration with existing business data – CRM, ERP and collaboration systems.  Power Automate’s connectors to IT systems is what makes it possible for non-coders to safely utilize enterprise data.

MercuryWorks +Power Automate

Power Automate functions as the unseen “agent” of low-code solutions – they respond to user events and carry out automated actions.  Coupled with WYSIWYG Power Apps interfaces, Power Automate brings both power and automation to enterprises.

Making use of 300+ connected experiences (Salesforce, DocuSign and SAP) and Microsoft’s Office 365 collaboration suite, MercuryWorks staff rapidly construct digital process automation solutions for clients. From capital appropriation request automation to IT hardware requests, Power Automate powers quick and local solutions.

Power Apps – a tool for productivity and a window into your processes

Despite the huge investments in enterprise software over the last several decades, Gartner reports that over 65% of organizations have an unserved software development backlog.  This demand has resulted in the practical use of low-code strategies to address the integration end of the development spectrum.

Power Apps is used to address the “screen building” portion of the Power Platform with a drag-and-drop screen construction experience.  Power Apps interfaces surface data from myriad sources and plug in with Power Automate to trigger business flows.

MercuryWorks utilizes Power Apps to provide targeted interfaces to in-house back-end and SaaS systems to:

  • automate business processes (tying together SAP, Workday and Office 365 into a single screen)
  • provide cross-business collaboration (connecting Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and Jira)
  • bring divisions together for common processes (friction-free employee onboarding across HR, IT and hiring managers)

Transform data into insights with Power BI

Unify self-service and enterprise BI

Effective business intelligence (BI) removes the challenges of multiple sources and tames the presentation of both structured and unstructured data. It enables knowledge workers to reduce the amount of time spent wrangling data and produces more answers.

Power BI makes sense of data with connectors to sources as diverse as SQL Server, Excel, Oracle, Azure, AWS and ERP systems.  Live Power BI reports and dashboards expedite decisions backed by a single source of truth.

Surface enterprise and system data

Data is stored in a lot of places (sometimes in custom software databases, ERP, CRM and HR systems) but knowledge workers shouldn’t have to plumb each of those systems to make use of it.  Expose the data as digested BI reports embedded on web pages, internal portals and even collaboratively within Teams and Office documents.

Using Power BI, MercuryWorks consultants liberate and expose business data into actionable insight, dashboards and decision support systems.

Ready for a more agile business?

Then reach out to MercuryWorks to automate business processes and digitize operations alongside your business staff.  Whether your challenges center on needed automation, business intelligence or even digital collaboration, MercuryWorks and Microsoft’s Power Platform make it work.

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