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Let our team convert your wicked problems into tech-powered solutions. MercuryWorks specializes in progressive web application development for companies with ambitious missions.

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For over 20 years, MercuryWorks has been helping top businesses and organizations improve profitability and solve their most difficult problems through mission-critical software. Our longstanding client relationships are a testament to the results you can expect from our team: great digital product, strategically customized solutions, and zealous customer service.

What makes for a good PWA?

Progressive Web Apps marry the immediacy and low entry barrier of the web with the form-factor optimization and functionality of native apps. A good PWA should be:

The first contact with a PWA interface is an immediate, responsive and enjoyable experience

The PWA installs like any other native app, showing on your desktop or homescreen rather than requiring a browser

The PWA is available and responsive every time the user opens it, on par with any other piece of installed software

The PWA follows the best practices for high-quality UX and works irrespective of network state or device capability – there is never an empty screen telling the user to go online or upgrade

MercuryWorks Progress Web Application Implementation

Gulf Winds’ next generation enterprise logistics system combines React and SignalR to deliver quick response times, server-driven page updates and native-like performance across desktop, tablet and phone.

MercuryWorks co-developed a new youth sports website and member PWA with i9 Sports. The React front end delivers a mobile-centric platform that combines headless WordPress rendering with member features.

MercuryWorks teamed with Coke Bottlers to design and develop a progressive web application (PWA) to be available to all Coca-Cola Clients. This new self-service application utilizes cloud-centric technology, a modern web interface to make request entry a breeze and both barcode and QR code scanning for instant equipment lookup.

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