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Progressive Web Apps are websites that took all the right vitamins

Deliver Native-like Experiences

PWAs combine decades of browser and web construction advances (responsive web design, JavaScript engines, service workers and web storage) to create a whole greater than the sum of their parts – a capable substitute to native applications.
PWAs can operate outside a browser and offer offline usage and device notifications.

Still A Website

At its core a PWA is still a website but can be installed on your device (phone, tablet, PC or Mac), app icon/shortcut and all.  PWAs pull updates in the background each time a user runs it – features, data and media. At the same time a PWA will operate as your organization’s browser-resident website.

What makes for a good PWA?

Progressive Web Apps marry the immediacy and low entry barrier of the web with the form-factor optimization and functionality of native apps. A good PWA should be:

A solid Progressive Web App Strategy

  • Think About UI Two Ways
    Mock screens with and without the browser UI to help uncover any potential layout issues
  • Plan for Different Connectivity States
    Remember to design for different connectivity states: online, offline, flaky network and content loading
  • App Icon and Start Screens
    The app icon and starting state screen should be attractive and on-brand; also consider each different OS
  • Asking Installation Permission
    Prompting users to install the PWA soon is pushy but asking too late and they might not bother
  • Asking for location data
    Don’t just ask for permission to access the user’s location as soon as they open the app – wait to ask for permission until their is a value-add reason to ask

MercuryWorks PWA-driven implementations

Gulf Winds’ next generation enterprise logistics system combines React with PWA tech to deliver quick response times, server-driven page updates and native-like performance across desktop, tablet and phone.

MercuryWorks co-developed a new youth sports website and member PWA with i9 Sports.  The React front end delivers a mobile-centric platform that combines headless WordPress rendering with member features.

MercuryWorks’ client engagement application is accessible both via the web and installable on phone, tablet and PC (above snap is from Windows 10).  Clients can stay up to date on product development, budget and backlogs.

Sound like the kind of software you want for your business?

Then you want MercuryWorks to build your next application.  Whether you’re replacing a legacy system, building a greenfield app or integrating with third party systems, we’ve got you covered.

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