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Key benefits of the React library

Combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript to work side-by-side to deliver a UI is nothing new – what React brings together is a paradigm-breaking method of doing so that brings a ton of benefits.

React is de facto component-based making each chunk of functionality highly reusable.  Components encapsulate logic, contain their own styling and manage their own state, enabling Mercury developers to assemble complex UIs from proven and self-contained pieces over and over again.

React introduced several performance improvements over rudimentary JavaScript frameworks from a virtual DOM to one-way data binding to the lowest-possible interface layer.  As a result rendering logic is greatly simplified and avoids many of the issues that plague “heavier weight” frameworks

The component creation aspect of React and JavaScript-coded logic has added benefits when it comes to testing.  MercuryWorks developers can efficiently debug and perform unit testing on each component, making sure that any component use throughout the application will be sound.

Typical application maintenance tasks like interface updates, logic changes and layout optimization often turn into a headache because of code interdependencies.  React’s colocation of content, logic, styling and state control greatly simplifies the maintenance load and keeps code cross-talk to a minimum.

For any public-facing online business, Search Engine Optimization is the gateway to boost user traffic.  React significantly reduces page load time through faster rendering speed which is an increasingly important SEO factor.  Finally, with its ability to run on the server, React can return a rendered “regular” webpage to the browser.

MercuryWorks React-driven implementations

Gulf Winds’ next generation enterprise logistics system combines React and SignalR to deliver quick response times, server-driven page updates and native-like performance across desktop, tablet and phone.

MercuryWorks co-developed a new youth sports website and member PWA with i9 Sports. The React front end delivers a mobile-centric platform that combines headless WordPress rendering with member features.

Minor League Baseball’s Mercury-developed Digital Dugout makes use of React to integrate enterprise data and the Microsoft cloud to deliver a slick interface that works in the office, on the field and in the dugout.

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