Teams and Microsoft 365 free for 6 months.

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Everything you need, wherever you need it, in one solution.

Businesses of all sizes want to enable their workforce to work productively from anywhere. They want to reduce email clutter, make meetings more efficient and work together in real time.

Using Microsoft 365 and Teams, employees and partners can conduct secure real-time meetings with video and chat and even ideate visually with Microsoft Whiteboard.

MercuryWorks can make Microsoft 365 work for you.

Managing communication and collaboration across a distributed workforce is challenging – doing it securely is doubly hard.  MercuryWorks’ years of experience implementing Microsoft 365 to make organizations agile and more productive can help.

Enabling the remote workforce is hard – MercuryWorks’ decades of experience covers the Microsoft waterfront:

  • Collaboration strategy and governance
  • Microsoft 365 cloud collaboration implementation
  • Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Flow/Automate
  • Modern SharePoint development and on-prem migrations
  • Workflow and digital automation

The Microsoft 365 Portfolio

The integrated solution that offers a collaboration hub and familiar productivity apps that let your company adopt flexible work environments.

Imagine a workplace without walls or limits.

  • work from anywhere on any device
  • collaborate in real-time on documents
  • start online meetings at the click of a button
  • store all company files in one accessible place
  • keep your company’s information safe and secure