Business App with eCommerce and Communication Automation

ALLPRO serves more than 280 member retailers representing approximately 1,400 store fronts located throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Providing its membership with a distinct competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, ALLPRO seeks out programs and initiatives helping improve their operations, market position, and profitability.

Redevelop a custom collaboration platform serving as the primary point of communication and operations for members and suppliers. The newly developed system needed to streamline and simplify global organization processes and communications. The site needed to be fully responsive, mobile-optimized, and easy to scale.

A fully responsive and mobile-optimized application serving as the primary point of communication and operations with ALLPRO’s members and suppliers. While hosting several key public-facing pages, the core function provides secure and exclusive access to a wealth of information.

Improved overall engagement and communication with membership. Marked reduction in ALLPRO support and administrative time. Streamlined fast and reliable invoicing and payment processing.


two different users, two different experiences


Real-time reporting capabilities allow Members to review monthly purchase metrics for improved financial agility and decreased reliance on ALLPRO’s support team.


Suppliers can create single member invoices using a clean, simple interface or can upload in bulk to leverage EDI integration functionality that ties into the ALLPRO SAP system. Suppliers use highly intuitive self-service site functionality to make timely updates to special member offers.


how we did it


final product

Built Using

C#, MVC, Entity Framework and the .NET Framework were used to implement all business logic, data marshaling and UI rendering for the Connection application. Supporting use of modern CSS and JavaScript provided interaction and responsive display.

Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store course content, student data, resource library content and other business data.  In-cloud SQL Server was used to provide instant scalability and rapid querying.

Is integrated directly with the member and supplier contact features. As contacts are updated in the extranet, updates and attributes flow through to the MailChimp mailing list and allows ALLPRO Marketing to slice and dice communications for target audiences.

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.

Admin Control

ALLPRO Administrators have the capability to control every aspect of the digital experience. Admins can update member contacts, products, pricing, and promotions along with controlling site content, integrations with email marketing campaigns while monitoring event and hotel registrations in real time.

The automation provided by this custom backend allows ALLPRO marketers to focus on growing the business – not managing its workflow.

The ALLPRO Member & Supplier Extranet provides a modern solution that is custom tailored to the needs of a unique organization. Ultimately, it provides a highly automated means for all parties to communicate, collaborate, and engage in business more efficiently.

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