Online Eyecare Practice Management and Training

For many years BSM Consulting has provided BSM Connection as a simple web-based subscription that gives Ophthalmology practice staff access to distance learning, practice management solutions, webinars and articles.  A service of BSM Consulting, Connection is a popular and unique solution with a legacy going back several years.

BSM Consulting, a trusted expert in business and education consulting for medical practices, has a long history in creating and publishing insightful content and courses via Connection.  As Connection’s scope and scale escalated, the need for a modern digital publishing platform to keep up with creation of content had become a major challenge. 

Enable administrators and content authors to create and publish education content, administer tests, manage users and process secure payment.  Retain Connection’s simple, customer-friendly content and online course delivery with the addition of modernized and rich online content. 

Subscribers can select courses, interact with course content and take tests to receive certifications via desktop browser, smartphone or tablet.  Administrators can easily upload educational content, track subscriber activity and needs and utilize a plethora of business reports and financial analytics.


three different users, three different experiences

The Student

A Connection student user is able to select courses from the course catalog, save them to their profile, consume course content in several formats including onscreen, flipping books and video, take a test, view their score and print a certificate of completion.

The Manager’s Toolkit

Practice human resources, compliance officers and business managers are responsible for making sure employees are up-to-date with professional best practices, information and certifications. The Manager’s Toolkit makes their job a little easier, by enabling them to add and manage Connection students, assign courses and view activity and progress reports.

The Administrator

Built atop a robust enterprise content management system, BSM Consulting staff can upload courses, webinars and other content to be displayed to site subscribers.  Connection also provides a plethora of digital content that administrators can also curate, update and make available to subscribers outside of the distance learning platform.


how we did it


final product

"Mercury worked closely with us throughout the entire development process to ensure we provide value to our clients in an innovative and practical way. Mercury was quick to provide creative solutions of great caliber. With a collaborative and thoughtful approach, Mercury engineered a finished product that captured our vision beautifully and is highly esteemed by our clients."
Emily Peltier
Director, Distance Learning

Built Using

C#, MVC, Entity Framework and the .NET Framework were used to implement all business logic, data marshaling and UI rendering for the Connection application.  Supporting use of modern CSS and JavaScript provided interaction and responsive display.

Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store course content, student data, resource library content and other business data.  In-cloud SQL Server was used to provide instant scalability and rapid querying.

Used as the basis of digital content management throughout Connection web pages, resource libraries and other digital content. Orchard is an open source content mangement system written on the .NET stack.

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.

Admin Control

BSM Consulting can add or edit courses and tests for BSM Connections for Ophthalmology’s site online at any time with no coding. Administrators can easily upload educational content such as videos, flipping books and PDFs. Also users are managed and secure payment is collected on the site.

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Customer Satisfaction
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Within one month of the launch of the new Connection platform, site analytics show subscribers access Connection content from phones and tablet – a modality never previously available to users.  Inbound customer service calls reflect an energetic uptake of the new online learning delivery mechanism. 



With this updated digital platform, BSM Consulting has plans to extend Connection beyond Ophthalmology and into Optometry and medical fields outside of eyecare.  With a solid online platform and administration suite future revenue and subscriber growth into new fields will scale without major fundamental development.

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