Enterprise Portal for Real Time Visualization

Enrollment Alliance (EA) is revolutionizing the employee benefits and enrollment industry with innovative technology and techniques designed to enhance the communication experience between employers, Human Resources departments, and employees. Their mission is to utilize their expertise and proprietary technology to remove the chaos and stress associated with the Open Enrollment process.


CRM Integration

While the Portal is engineered to pull data from Enrollment Alliance’s CRM, it has an evergreen architecture so that the application can lay on top of other CRMs. This will allow flexibility when integrating with other third-party systems. The first iteration of the EA Portal has been integrated with Keap, but the application is overall agnostic to the CRM / data source.

Messaging Platform

Each business client (company) can set its own custom messaging sequence and content, so that employees are alerted via text and/or email when they have an action to take. This helps with scheduling and follow-ups as all the application ensures all employees are moving through the process prior to the enrollment window closing.

Dashboards and Rich Visualizations

No matter the application user role, there is a rich dashboard experience to highlight the overall health of the open enrollment. EA administrators can view all insurance broker and company data, brokers can quickly access all the data for the clients in their business portfolio, and companies can easily see employee progress.



"I've personally launched and managed countless software projects with numerous vendors and contractors. For the first time, I feel like I truly have a partner to execute on lofty visions. Mercury takes the time to understand the business problem I am trying to solve and continues to deliver innovative software solutions."
Bobby Leesman
Managing Partner / Founder

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Orchestrating Stress-free Enrollments.

Status Reports

Time to manually create status reports drastically reduced from hours to seconds.

Status Visuals

Employee statuses that were once a guessing game are now elegantly displayed in easily digestible charts.

Strong Foundation

Application is built on a scalable infrastructure to scale at-will.

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