Enterprise Data, Operations and Reporting in the Cloud

Founded in 2006, Franklin Street has become one of the fastest-growing full-service commercial real estate firms in the Southeast with a national reach.  Through its multiple locations, Franklin Street provides a full complement of commercial real estate service lines including Investment Sales, Management Services, Tenant and Landlord Representation, Capital and Insurance services.


The Challenge – People, Properties and Activities

People and Companies

The cornerstone of every Franklin Street business process is the client – properly researching, engaging with, intuiting business needs and tracking interactions are key to forging a deep business relationship.  The customer relationship management (CRM) aspects of Frankie enable Franklin Street professionals to do just that – associate all contacts with relevant properties and business activities, track all phone calls, emails and other touches and compile a detailed dossier of every partner.


Each deal that Franklin Street manages revolves around a piece of real estate property.  The Frankie CRM provides long-term tracking and management of these properties including a wide array of property attribute data, historical ownership history, and detailed history of each transaction and service type associated with the property.  This linkage allows visibility across business lines to facilitate cross-selling and proved the clients with a rich, unified experience.


Each deal that Franklin Street manages are complex, long-running transactions.  Frankie allows agents to easily manage transaction by capturing all relevant data points, performing analytical computations and capturing all associated documentation so that Frankie becomes the single source of truth for that deal.  Workflow management with progressive validation rules ensure data quality.  These complex deals are managed by multiple internal agents collaborating with outside agents from other firms, and Frankie performs all the detailed commission calculations and splits to track every dollar from invoice to payment receipt to distribution.

Financials at Their Fingertips

Prior to expanding Frankie to accommodate detailed transaction tracking, the use of disparate and non-integrated systems required a significant amount of manual work to pull all the information together.  By unifying these processes into a single enterprise system, agents manage the individual transactions and all financial data is derived from this data.


final product

"Mercury team members have the unique ability to blend forward looking thinking and innovative technology with pragmatic and practical ideas for implementing."
Darron Kattan
Managing Director, Franklin Street

Built Using

We developed Franklin Street’s Frankie using these core technologies:

interruption-free production releases in one year
0 %+
internal and partner adoption rate

Crucially, all work described in this case study was performed within the existing production application without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the heavily used system.  A continuous delivery strategy (Azure DevOps pipelines) that incorporates feature flags (Launch Darkly)  allowed Mercury to perform new development without impacting current daily users.

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