Frankie – Data, Application and Mobile in the Cloud

The Plan

Make no mistake, comprehensive customized inventory management systems don’t build themselves and certainly don’t come with obvious designs. The design-planning phase is essential to craft the user experience, prepare the technical approach to suit the client’s needs and plan for broad and deep functionality. Planning steps taken for Frankie include wireframes, mock-ups, icon development, data planning and infrastructure.

UI/UX Features

Once the plan is in place it’s time to start building. However, it’s often useful to test various elements outside of the actual project. This is where a Sandbox design comes into play. A Sandbox design allows for the creation of a skeleton of the site to create the initial coded structure, test the design elements and adjust accordingly, and create a test environment for any custom jQuery/JavaScript or any other interactive elements that may need to be developed/customized.

People, Properties, Activities and Companies

The cornerstone of every Franklin Street business process is the client – properly researching, engaging with, and intuiting business needs and tracking interactions are key to forging a deep business relationship. The customer relationship management (CRM) aspects of Frankie enable Franklin Street professionals to do just that – associate all contacts with relevant properties and business activities, track all phone calls, emails and other touches and compile a detailed dossier of every partner.


"Mercury team members have the unique ability to blend forward looking thinking and innovative technology with pragmatic and practical ideas for implementing."
Darron Kattan
Managing Director

Built Using

Online Listings

In addition to providing a scalable and collaborative information system for the company, Franklin Street’s website listings are powered by Frankie. As listings and other activities are entered and updated in Frankie, they are automatically added to (or removed from) the Franklin Street website. The commercial listings are quite rich and expose key listing details as well as multiple photos, videos, property documents and geographic maps and street views.