Global Enterprise System for Ocular Transplants

The Lion’s Eye Institute for Transplant & Research is a non-profit leader in the field of recovery, preparation, banking, and distribution of ocular tissue for transplant. With an ever-growing workload, Lion’s Eye wanted to modernize and integrate disparate systems to streamline their workload while improving the experience for their international customer base.

To combine two distinct distribution systems serving domestic and international markets. While the two legacy systems have unique features and independent data stores, the resulting combined system had to both work seamlessly as a unified system AND integrate with an enterprise clinical database platform.

A radically reimagined cloud-based inventory and distribution platform refactored to utilize a modernized UI and robust back end.  The new system is hosted in a high-availability Azure configuration with supporting data centers distributed across multiple global data centers to maximize uptime and response time to their global audience.

The updated system eliminates manual data entry, reduces overhead of managing multiple systems and improves surgeon’s interfaces.  In addition to significantly improved uptime, the new OWSA system provides a highly usable interface across desktop, tablet and phone.


Simple Solutions to Global Problems


The standards are punishingly high for reliable and responsive healthcare systems, especially those that operate on a global scale.  OWSA’s global infrastructure provides high-availability and optimized performance for users located across the world.  Live failovers ensure that infrastructure failures don’t interfere with patients receiving the vision-saving tissue they need, all in the cloud.

Tailored Experiences

The OWSA application is tailored to the needs of five different audiences with five different needs.  Domestic and international surgeons have drastically different needs and OWSA flexes to each role to meet users where they live.  OWSA also facilitates self-service access for eye banks to offer and request tissue in real time to surgeons.

One Application to Rule Them All

With the updated OWSA in place, Lion’s Eye has a single application for personnel, partner eye banks and surgeons. With convergence into the new OWSA, two legacy apps have been decommissioned, all user focus is in one central location and legacy infrastructure has been shut down.

"Mercury ramped up in our (very complicated) business domain and constructed a world-class system and were able to successfully meet the needs of several independent departments."
Arthur Kurz
CMO, Lion’s Eye Institute for Transplant & Research


final product

“You want support from partners who are agile, insightful, and savvy. That’s what we get with Mercury. As a result, we lean on them heavily, whenever possible.”
Terrence Gee
Chief Information Officer

Built Using

For iPhone app construction using native Swift and Cocoa coding. Full native Xcode development provides a higher level of fidelity and code tuning that hybrid solutions like Cordova cannot match. Proximity notification and mapping are two key capabilities the Shine app needed to optimize.

For native Android development in Google’s Android Studio IDE. Again full native and bypassing development options such as Cordova was the right route to provide Coca-Cola Beverages Florida field staff with the app experience they were looking for.

AngularJS was coupled with .NET for admin and reporting single page app (SPA) suite. The rich SPA enabled rapid addition, editing and sunsetting of Shine route surveys as well as reporting (with Excel download) of real-time data as it came in from the field.

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.

Built Using

We developed the Lion’s Eye application using these core technologies:

Microsoft’s .NET Framework was implemented as the system’s overall and server-side framework for API endpoints including secure interchange, business logic execution and is coupled with OpenAPI/Swagger for service tier documentation.

Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store all enterprise data, marshal data for integration and provide a source to the app’s API tier.  In-cloud SQL Server was used to provide instant scalability and rapid querying.

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center mixed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution.

Seeing Is Believing

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global availability
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increase in tissue distributed

It is not often that Mercury gets the opportunity to work on a system that makes such a worthwhile social impact and to be able to do that a global scale was a huge motivator to the team.  As Lion’s Eye moves onto OWSA expansion and feature addition, Mercury has a strong technical base to build it on.



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