Marketing Internationally to Consumer and Business Customers

Masonite designs and manufactures premium doors for construction and renovation. Both Consumers and Architects come to Masonite’s website for product selection, inspiration, and a gateway to their purchase.

The then-current Masonite website was backed by a popular CMS but nonetheless website performance was sluggish and unreliable, negatively impacting the user experience.  To improve visitor engagement and retention, fast page loads were an identified must.  Customizing and cultivating site content was difficult for its marketing team and site control for their five business groups was impractical.  Overall, Masonite IT determined that the website was no longer sustainable for the company.

Mercury developed a new website from scratch using a new creative design, multisite WordPress CMS and React front end framework to provide a new technical foundation.  The  reimplemented site was constructed with performance in mind and built to tightly conform to industry code-quality standards.  Incorporating a multisite WordPress configuration allowed Masonite’s marketing team to manage its five business groups from a single WordPress codebase.

As a result of our recommended approach, not only does Masonite have a more stable website with a clean code, but the processing speed is now blazing-fast.  Multisite WordPress eliminates the overhead of human-driven coordination of managing what would otherwise be five separate websites.  With this faster and more highly flexible platform, Masonite’s marketing team is better able to facilitate engagement with their many audiences.


WordPress Multisite

Multiple Sites

The multisite WordPress install enables Masonite to host five individual, but related websites from a single codebase and one web hosting account. Each business group now has complete content and branding autonomy while shared elements such as theme, plugins, and custom code can be distributed and maintained using a single pipeline.

This offers the marketing team convenience and saves them valuable time. Since everything is shared, they can access the five websites with one login and update all of the plugins and themes at once, or configure any coding simultaneously.

Robust Editor

Masonite’s website uses the Elementor Pro page builder to give non-developers complete drag and drop control over the page design. This enables faster content creation and editing to keep the site fresh and useful, along with the ability to easily test and adjust layouts to optimize marketing performance.

Streamlined Customizations

To further enhance performance, WordPress plugins were avoided across the five websites except for the most fundamental features (i.e. Page Builder, SEO, and External Media). Installing additional plugins negatively impacts site performance and makes a site more vulnerable. All project-specific customizations were added manually to ensure minimal overhead and complete control over additional code.

"Working on the Masonite website was a true honor - I am very proud of Masonite's trust in Mercury to handle this crucial project! Strategic use of React for SPA features within the context of a highly-manageable WordPress CMS was truly the best of both worlds."
Donald Bickel
MercuryWorks Partner


final product

“You want support from partners who are agile, insightful, and savvy. That’s what we get with Mercury. As a result, we lean on them heavily, whenever possible.”
Terrence Gee
Chief Information Officer

Built Using

We developed Masonite’s website using these core technologies:

Through WordPress Multisite, the client is able to create and manage as many subdomains or subdirectories on their site as they would like. With this structure, their original website serves as a nexus for the other four sites that their network is comprised of.

MySQL is one of the premier open source relational database systems, often used for data warehousing, ecommerce and logging applications. MySQL allows the client to rapidly display searchable information to website visitors.

We implemented React, a JavaScript library for building specific single page application (SPA) user interfaces for the product selector site section.   Since React is both widely-supported and performant on all form factors, it’s ideal for a site intended to support all user types.

Built Using

For iPhone app construction using native Swift and Cocoa coding. Full native Xcode development provides a higher level of fidelity and code tuning that hybrid solutions like Cordova cannot match. Proximity notification and mapping are two key capabilities the Shine app needed to optimize.

For native Android development in Google’s Android Studio IDE. Again full native and bypassing development options such as Cordova was the right route to provide Coca-Cola Beverages Florida field staff with the app experience they were looking for.

AngularJS was coupled with .NET for admin and reporting single page app (SPA) suite. The rich SPA enabled rapid addition, editing and sunsetting of Shine route surveys as well as reporting (with Excel download) of real-time data as it came in from the field.

Provides database storage, web app, authentication and web services. Azure provides an ideal solution for back end mobile applications with a multi-data center Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution that requires extremely little oversight.

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increase in actual page load time throughout site

Masonite immediately reaped the benefits of its revamped website.  For example, it is now easier for its various target audiences to quickly find, research and ultimately purchase the type of door for their specific needs.

By implementing a superior CMS, it allows the marketing team to update and add new content easily across its five business groups under one centralized location.  Finally, as a result of optimizing their pages for speed and performance, Masonite’s website exceeds past performance goals.

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