Multiple Brand Websites for a National Hardware Manufacturer

Nationwide Industries is a leading manufacturer of hardware solutions for fence and railing professionals ranging from simple components to high-tech solutions. Nationwide manages multiple brands including The Cable Connection, Ultra-tec and RailFX. Nationwide has 2,000 SKUs comprised of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, glass-filled nylon and die castings.


Product Presentation and Showcases

Locating Products

The RailFX Products section provides clean product information real estate with a marketing message and multiple product images. An elegant search mechanism makes it easy for site visitors to find the right components.

Product Details

The product details page provides information on all product systems along with detailed information on each SKU within a category. With product variations within each SKU family, grouped and individual presentation enables site visitors to grasp the many possibilities.

Showing Off Installations

Interactive and engaging inspiration gallery allows site users to view products in action and visualize their potential impact. Multiple photos, use cases and methods of installation helps to flex the many possibilities for the Ultra-tec product line.

"MercuryWorks has played an integral role to create a new user-friendly experience to RailFX and Ultra-tec. Their expertise, innovation, and business acumen kicked our digitization efforts up a notch and brought them to life. Partnering with such a strong company, who only wants the best for their customers, is core to our values."
Lindsey Fox
Director of Marketing

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Powerful Content and Product Management

The Nationwide Industries web platform does a lot more than drive brand websites – powerful administrative capabilities underpin the entire platform. From managing three sites’ page content to configuring product data and dealer information, business managers take control all from the comfort of their browser.

Management of Multiple Sites

The Multisite WordPress admin suite allows for visual drag-and-drop page creation and management, easy-to-manage menus, widgets and page layouts – all across a range of websites. Administrators can select any one of the websites they want to manage and then edit any of the pages in that site.

Product Management

Powerful WooCommerce-based product management makes keeping products up to date an easy undertaking. From the use of multiple product images, tagging and categorization we enabled Nationwide to present their products in just the way they wanted to.

Dealer Management

Nationwide staff can add and edit dealers from their site’s interactive map by simply submitting an admin form. The technical specifics of the Google Map API are kept out of the administrator’s way – they need only provide dealer information and the website’s dynamic dealer mapping feature handles the details.

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