Heathcare System with 35+ Locations and 800+ Providers

NCH Healthcare System is a large network of more than 800 independent providers and medical facilities in dozens of locations throughout Collier County and southwest Florida. They are proud of the innovative and advanced comprehensive care they offer patients in a wide-variety of specialties.

NCH Prides themselves on being progressive, both from a healthcare and IT standpoint. They won the “Most Wired” award 3 years in a row. However, their website was outdated and needed to be brought up to speed to reflect this progressive stance.

Our solution was to build a website with modern design, that is mobile responsive for the tech savvy user, easier navigation for the not-so-tech savvy and simple tools to find locations and doctors that is integrated with enterprise health management system.

NCH Healthcare now has a modern site managing 20,000 hits per week. The new site is easy to navigate and allows customers to quickly find needed information they need. The Find a Doctor page serves as a valuable user resource, while back-end integrations keep administration to a minimum.


where to begin

Understanding Site Topology

Every project begins with listening and understanding. We began by reviewing NCH’s current web portfolio, which was a complex suite of associated sites linked together. These sites included multiple integration points with backend enterprise systems. Mapping these out and understanding the connections was an important first step in developing a plan.

Develop A Phased Approach Strategy

In working with our client we selected the core public-facing site as a place to begin. The new site would offer links to existing satellite sites to maintain functionality without trying to take on everything at once. The objective was to succeed with a first win of launching public site and then over time redesign the additional sites to bring them forward and match the main site branding.

Identify Content

Building a new site is a good time to review what is good, what should be removed and what gaps need to be filled. In reviewing the existing public site, much of the content was still valuable. Mercury was able to import existing content from the legacy site into the new site structure to expedite the implementation process.

Identify New Functionality Desired

Beyond the visual design improvements planned, opportunities for value added functionality not present in existing site were reviewed. A new “Find a Doctor” feature was selected to be included in initial launch – this was a dynamic search screen that allowed users to identify the appropriate doctor by various fields and then request an appointment right from the webpage.


how we did it

01 - Original Legacy

We began our project by reviewing the client’s existing site. The navigation was viewed as functional and well organized. We began with the primary goal to upgrade the styling to fit the new site’s look and feel.

02 - Redesign In Progress

As development proceeded, this shows the original navigation in the new site. Moving to a stacked navigation eliminated an overly long menu, and the contrasted blue background on the submenu provided more clarity to what was selected by the user.

03 - Final Mega Menu

NCH Healthcare now has a modern site managing 20,000 hits per week. The new site is easy to navigate and user-friendly to provide a resource for patients.


final product

"Mercury is the best, plain and simple. They deliver a high quality product on time and on budget. We have an outstanding ongoing relationship with them."
Andrew Cooper
Director of Information Security Assurance

Built Using

.Net was also leveraged for developing integrations with legacy and third-party data stores. Industry standard XML and JSON feeds were leveraged to provide a seamless sharing of data between systems and eliminate the need for data duplication and the additional overhead and maintenance that comes along with it.

Provides a robust data storehouse and query platform to store course content, student data, resource library content and other business data. In-cloud SQL Server was used to provide instant scalability and rapid querying.

The Sitefinity CMS provides the base framework for construction of the site. Sitefinity provides a great deal of out-of-the-box CMS functionality, but we extended this by building custom widgets in .NET. These widgets allowed us to provide the client with full-featured and richly-styled components that can then be managed by the client in the standard Sitefinity admin screens just like the standard components.

Admin Control

The Sitefinity CMS provides clients with a user-friendly way to manage their site and maintain content. Doctor information is imported from enterprise system (source of record), which prevents duplication and simplifies maintenance. Additional site-specific content about doctors is then maintained separately within Sitefinity, which allows users to maintain data in the place it makes the most sense, and prevented the need to modify the legacy enterprise data store. There are future plans to expose limited content management for individual doctors to maintain their own pages.

0 +
Doctor Searches
Per Month

The new “Find a Doctor” page Mercury implemented is now the 3rd most visited page on the site, with more than 10,000 searches performed a month. This allows NCH to provide value to both consumers and doctors in helping connect people with the right physician for their needs.



With their main site serving as a platform upon which to build, NCH has plans to add additional functionality as well as incorporate satellite sites into the platform. Rich CMS capabilities allow NCH to keep content fresh and relevant. Integrations play a key strategic role to ensure information from enterprise systems is made available to both internal and external users without duplication.

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